Update - January 2007

Long over due. My last update was posting photos from Sun-N-Fun 2006. I updated the construction log, so take a look

How about exterior paint that does this

RM Rainbow

April 7&8, 2006

Carl's C-310Overhead Consol
Tim's RV-10Fuselage
Flew down to Sun-N-Fun in Carl’s 310. Accuracy Avionics has an overhead console with vents, lights and a DVD player. I have one on order. Both Tim and Vic’s RV-10 are beautiful. Tim let me sit in the pilots seat and he fired up the Cheltons. They sure did look nice. Glad I made the decision to put them in my plane.

Andair Fuel Valve Installation
February 26, 2006

Interior PaintingFuselage
Andair EFS20f7f with a 6" extension is mounted onto 0.063 aluminum sheet and 063 angle. It is 3 3/8" below the standard mounting location to provide clearance for the scat tube. Details are here. Updated to include the installation of the fuel pump, filter and flowscan on 27 Feb.

Interior Paint & Powder Coating
February 8, 2006

Interior PaintingFuselage
For the interior I am using RM UNO-HD single step paint with flattner already mixed in. Paint code is 9112A 225306. The rudder support, control sticks and center cabin top support are powde coated charcoal. More information is here.

Finally a Site Update
December 7, 2005

It has been 6 months. The wings are 90% complete. I still have to run the electric, proseal the fuel level floats and rivit the bottom skin. These tasks will wait until later. I have started work on the fuselage. Front floor boards are in, the tail cone is attached, and I have created some access panels for the rear seat and baggage compartment floor panels. Details and photos are in the construction log in the wing and fuselage sections.

Quickbuild Wings and Fuselage are Here
They arrived July 11, 2005

QuickBuild ArrivesQuickBuild Arrives

Started on Empennage Attach (May 20, 2005)
QB Wings & Fuselage Will Ship Soon

Under ConstructionIn typical Van's. fashion my quickbuild wings and fuselage will be ready early, a month early. Now I have motivation to get the empennage attach step complete. I have been spending all this time setting up the workshop and getting tools.

Alexander Technical Center Quick Start Program (April 22, 2005)

In 14 days I finished the empennage kit. Long days and a lot of work. Now I have the skills to complete the aircraft and I probably saved at least 6 to 9 months of construction time. Photos of the 14 days are in the construction log here. I was at the tech center from April 22 through May 5. I packed all the kit componets up in the back of my SUV and a large U-Haul tralier and drove back to New Jersey. Now I have to set up the shop and buy my tools. One advantage of the quick start program is that you can try out all the tools by many different manufactures so you can make an informed decision on what you need.

Order Placed (March 21, 2005)

Today I ordered the Empennage kit along with the Quick Build Wings and Fuselage from Van's. I am also scheduled to attend the Alexander Technical Center quick start empennage program starting April 21. The empennage kit will be shipped directly to Alexander. The QB wings and fuselage are have a 12 week lead time. They are scheduled to be shipped in August.


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